Filter ListΒΆ

EzGal comes with a set of commonly used filters. This table lists the filters that come with EzGal, along with basic filter properties, a link to a plot of the magnitude evolution for 5 common model sets through the filter, a link to a plot of the filter response curve, and a link to the data for the filter response curve. The magnitude evolution is in AB magnitudes for a Simple Stellar Population with solar metallicity formed at zf=3, normalized to have a rest-frame absolute magnitude of -25.06 Vega magnitudes in IRAC ch1 (Dai et al 2009). See the manual for more details. The AB to Vega conversion is listed such that the Vega magnitude of a galaxy is equal to its AB magnitude plus the listed conversion.

Filter Name Data Pivot Wavelength Rectangular Width Solar Absolute
Magnitude (AB)
Ab to Vega Conversion
GALEX fuve r d1536246.2117.198-2.093
WFC3 F218We r d2228329.7310.575-1.686
GALEX nuve r d2300729.8410.042-1.659
WFC3 F225We r d2371466.4210.101-1.661
WFC3 F275We r d2709406.638.553-1.500
Sloan ue r d3556558.416.361-0.904
ACS WFC F435We r d4318844.785.3720.102
WFC3 F438We r d4325616.125.3360.152
WFPC2 F450We r d4556874.705.2140.085
Sloan ge r d47021158.375.1210.098
ACS WFC F475We r d47461358.895.0970.096
WFC3 F475We r d47731343.045.0810.096
WFC3 F555We r d53081562.634.8620.023
ACS WFC F555We r d53601124.104.8380.005
WFPC2 F555We r d54421455.364.821-0.001
WFC3 F606We r d58872182.984.727-0.085
ACS WFC F606We r d59211991.584.721-0.088
WFPC2 F606We r d60011887.324.699-0.102
Sloan re r d61751111.184.640-0.146
WFC3 F625We r d62411461.404.638-0.150
ACS WFC F625We r d63111308.204.625-0.165
WFPC2 F675We r d67181154.744.581-0.241
Sloan ie r d74891044.544.534-0.357
WFC3 F775We r d76471170.354.527-0.382
ACS WFC F775We r d76911320.074.526-0.390
WFPC2 F814We r d80011484.884.524-0.417
WFC3 F814We r d80261537.934.523-0.419
ACS WFC F814We r d80551733.274.522-0.426
Sloan ze r d89461124.594.514-0.521
ACS WFC F850LPe r d90131239.214.514-0.521
WFC3 F850LPe r d91671180.814.515-0.522
UKIDSS ye r d103141004.364.515-0.617
FourStar m j1e r d10547955.504.524-0.658
WFC3 F105We r d105502649.134.528-0.647
FourStar m j2e r d114451329.694.549-0.776
WFC3 F110We r d115344429.594.544-0.761
FourStar je r d123972214.624.560-0.896
2MASS Je r d124692087.774.561-0.901
WFC3 F125We r d124862845.304.562-0.903
UKIDSS je r d125011471.004.561-0.917
WFC3 f127me r d12739687.814.565-0.963
FourStar m j3e r d128761325.044.566-0.967
WFC3 f139me r d13836643.344.588-1.080
WFC3 F140We r d139223840.284.597-1.078
WFC3 f153me r d15321684.884.637-1.256
WFC3 F160We r d153702682.734.647-1.254
FourStar m hshorte r d155231542.674.650-1.277
FourStar he r d161662769.454.687-1.337
UKIDSS he r d163542761.934.698-1.354
2MASS He r d164482538.414.702-1.365
FourStar m hlonge r d170351565.054.742-1.421
FourStar kse r d214583163.405.119-1.822
2MASS Kse r d216232642.245.134-1.839
UKIDSS ke r d220583257.595.169-1.873
WISE ch1e r d336826824.155.948-2.668
IRAC ch1e r d355696844.296.066-2.787
IRAC ch2e r d450208706.526.566-3.260
WISE ch2e r d4617910507.806.615-3.307
IRAC ch3e r d5745012440.967.046-3.753
IRAC ch4e r d7915625592.297.669-4.394