Change Log

Date Change
05/01/2011Initial EzGal web release.
05/30/2011Model server first goes live.
07/11/2011Web interface update to include M/L ratios and solar magnitude values.
07/11/2011Accidental deletion of all copies of the EzGal model server :(
07/11/2011Admins restore backup of EzGal model server from tape :)
07/11/2011Model server updated to include M/L ratios and solar magnitude values.
02/20/2012Added new WFC3 filters: F218W, F225W, F275W, F127M, F139M, F153M.
03/09/2012Moved from to permanent home on
04/25/2012Added galex filters
04/25/2012Updated interface to work with interpolated models
05/07/2012Added the PÉGASE.2 models to the web interface.
05/10/2012Updated BC03 and CB07 models to include stellar remnants in masses, as is already true for other model sets
06/11/2012Updated the FSPS models to v2.3, which primarily impacts the galex filters.
06/13/2012Added WFPC2 filters: F450W, F555W, F606W, F675W, F814W
10/17/2016/b>Updated ezgal to work with pyfits version 3.4.